Electronic Title

Order online to have the title Mailed via state of Florida DMV portal: Florida DMV Portal

Order online to have to Pick up Same Day at an office: click here

Prior to ordering online, determine if you title is electronic by clicking here

  • A valid photo identification is required (U.S. driver license/identification card or valid passport)
  • The owner listed on the title must be present, or individuals other than the owner must have authorization. If the owner is not picking up the title, the person picking up the title must bring their state issued identification and the original signed authorization affidavit.
  • If the title owner is a business, a letter on company letterhead signed by a company official signifying who is authorized to pick up title must be provided. The letter must be less than one year old.
  • If your title record shows a lien, we cannot print your title until the lien has been removed. Check for liens by clicking here


Once an electronic title has been printed it cannot be converted back to an E-title. If you do not retrieve the title, you may request that it be mailed. However if the title is mailed and lost in the mail, there is no provision to replace the title for no fee. The cost to acquire a duplicate title that has been lost in the mail is $85.75.


Same Day Pickup Mailed E-Title