Driver License FAQ

Please see below for the most frequently asked questions about driver licenses.

  • I Want to Get My Children an ID, One Is 2 Yrs. Old and the Other Is 10 Yrs. Old. What Will You Need?

    You must be at least 5 yrs. old to have an ID issued in Florida. If disabled, the age requirement is waived but a disability application, filled out by a physician, must be submitted. All minors applying for an ID must provide the Real ID documents and be accompanied by the parent or guardian. Parents must provide proof of residential address and then sign an affidavit for their child. Please visit WhatToBring for the list of required documents needed.
  • I Ordered My Drivers License Online and Have Not Received It. It Has Been 4 Weeks Can You Get Me a Copy?

    You will need to contact DHSMV in Tallahassee (850) 488-4735 to see if there is a problem with issuance. We can check to see if a license was issued, however, if it is lost you will need to apply for a replacement and pay the replacement fees. Also, if you are not Real ID compliant you will need to bring in the required documents before a replacement can be issued.
  • I Need to Take the Cdl Driving Test. Can I Come There?

    We only give the written test the actual driving tests are given at various testing sites throughout the state. If you need a list of the agencies locally give us a call at 850.892.8121 or chat online during business hours.
  • I Just Took the 4 Hour Drug and Alcohol Class Online. My Certificate Will Be Mailed in 2 Weeks, Can I Get My Learner's Permit Now or Do I Have to Wait for the Certificate?

    The proof of your class will be submitted to the state database, this could take at a minimum up to 24 hours and in some cases longer. Once we are able to access the files and see that you have completed your course, you can come apply for your learners permit.
  • I Just Took a Class Online to Fix My Driving Record and Your Office Said I Didn't Take the Correct Course. Can I Get a Refund?

    Unfortunately, we have no control over the online companies. You must look very carefully and know which class you are required to take. For example: If you are required to take Advanced Driving Improvement (ADI) and you have taken Basic Driving Improvement (BDI) then you will still be required to take the (ADI) and you will have to pay to take the correct course online.
  • My Driver License Has Been Lost/Stolen/Damaged and I Am Currently out of State. What Can I Do?

    The information requested can be found using the following link:
  • What Identification Is Needed to Apply for a License?

    Visit the State’s WhatToBring website for more information
  • Can I Renew My License Online?

    In most circumstances, you can renew online. Check your online renewal eligibility at:

  • How Soon Moving Do I Need to Update My Address on My Driver License?

    Florida law requires you to update the address on your driver license within 30 days after moving.
  • Do I Need a Motor Cycle Endorsement on My Florida Driver License in Order to Register My Motor Cycle, Moped, or Scooter?

    No, however in order to legally operate a 2-3 wheel motor cycle with more than 50cc, the driver must have a motor cycle endorsement.