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What is a pre-sale voucher?

Before a plate goes into production, they are required to sell a minimum number of reservations or vouchers. The organization must sell at least 3,000 pre-sale vouchers withing 24 months, out-of-state university plates must sell 4,000 pre-sale vouchers. Once the organization has met the sales requirement, the license plate may then be submitted to Florida Department of Highway Safety for production.

How much does a pre-sale voucher cost?

The cost of the specialty plate can vary depending on which plate is chosen, but most pre-sale vouchers are $33.00.

What if the license plate doesn’t meet the pre-sale requirement?

If the pre-sale requirements are not met, you can apply for refund or apply through the Florida Department of Highway and Safety Motor Vehicles. You would complete this form  83363.pdf (

Once the plate is available, is there an additional cost?

Yes. When the plates arrive in our office, you can choose to receive them right away or when it is your renewal. If you choose to receive the plate outside of your renewal period the cost will be $36.90. If you choose to receive the new plate when your renewal is due, you will pay the renewal cost plus $28.00 for the new metal plate.

What is the yearly cost for a specialty plate?

Once you have switched to the new specialty plate, the cost will be the annual renewal fee plus the specialty plate fee (which can range from $20-$30 extra a year)

May I purchase a voucher as a gift?

Yes. As long as the recipient has a Florida Driver's license or Florida registration. The recipient must have a vehicle titled in their name or plan to acquire a Florida registered vehicle. If you purchase a voucher for someone who does not have a vehicle registered to them, you will not be able to get a refund for the purchase.

Click here to purchase a Pre-Sale Voucher: Pre Sale Voucher Purchase