Military Property Taxes


The Property Appraiser's Office is responsible for processing property tax exemption applications. Applications for all exemptions have to be made on or before March 1st of the tax year. The initial application has to be made in person at the Property Appraiser's office. If you fail to make an application for an exemption by March 1 of the tax year you shall not be eligible for an exemption that tax year. The current exemptions available are $25,000 homestead, additional $25,000 homestead for persons 65 and older, widow's, widower's, disability, $500 for blind persons, service-connected total and permanent disability, and service-connected total and permanent disability. 

In order for military members to receive property tax exemptions they must be a legal resident of the State of Florida, have a Florida license plate on their car, have a Florida driver's license and meet other requirements to qualify for the exemptions.

Pursuant to Florida law, effective 2011, military personnel deployed outside the United States in support of designated military operations may qualify to receive an additional Homestead Exemption for days of deployment within the prior calendar year. Service members or their designated representatives may apply to the Property Appraiser for this exemption.

You may go to the Property Appraisers web site to find out more information about property tax exemptions.