Motor Vehicle Forms


Application for Replacement Decal or License Plate

Replacement Form 

Credit Card Authorization

Credit Card Agreement

Disabled Parking Permit

Application for Disabled Person Permit 

Duplicate Title Form

Duplicate/Lost in Transit Title

Lienholder Request

Lienholder Request Form 

Mail In Packet

Motor Vehicle Form Packet

Military Frequently Used Forms

Military Forms Packet - Florida Dept of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles 

Notice of Sale

Sellers are required to notify the Tax Collector's Office upon the sale of a motor vehicle. The new owner's name and address are required. 
Notice of Sale

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

VIN verification

Vehicle Identification Number and Odometer Reading - Form 82042 

Surrender Plate

Surrender License Plate

Your Guide to Drive: Low Speed Vehicle/ Golf Cart/ Off Highway Vehicle

Do you have a golf cart, low speed vehicle, or off highway vehicle? Learn the laws and requirements to driving these vehicles in the state of Florida.