Motor Vehicle Forms


Application for Replacement Decal or License Plate

Replacement Form 

Credit Card Authorization

Credit Card Agreement

Disabled Parking Permit

Application for Disabled Person Permit 

Duplicate Title Form

Application for Duplicate or Lost in Transit / Reassignment for a Motor Vehicle

Lienholder Request

Lienholder Request Form

Mail In Packet

Motor Vehicle Form Packet

SW Motor Vehicle Form Packet

Military Frequently Used Forms

Military Forms Packet - Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles 

Notice of Sale

Sellers are required to notify the Tax Collector's Office upon the sale of a motor vehicle. The new owner's name and address are required. 
Notice of Sale

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

VIN verification

Vehicle Identification Number and Odometer Reading - Form 82042 

Surrender Plate

Surrender License Plate

Your Guide to Drive: Low Speed Vehicle/ Golf Cart/ Off Highway Vehicle

Do you have a golf cart, low speed vehicle, or off highway vehicle? Learn the laws and requirements to driving these vehicles in the state of Florida.