Community Involvement


The employees of the Walton County Tax Collector's Office enjoy giving back to the community through participation in many organizations. From community service oriented clubs to charitable causes and children's programs, we appreciate the opportunity to give back.

Active in community organizations, Mrs. Skipper understands the importance of supporting activities that provide service to the community. She encourages her employees to get involved in the community through the Volunteer Mentoring Program that grants one hour of Administrative Leave each week for employees to participate in community service projects.

Each year, the employees of the Tax Collector choose one or two charities to support through an election.  

Community Education:
We continually meet with civic organizations, homeowner’s associations and professional organizations to educate the public about our services. Speaking and exhibitopportunities are an integral part of our public outreach program and how we serve the public. Should your organization desire a speaker, please call us or email Customer Relations.

Community Input:
We’re not the typical “we’ve always done it this way” government office. We look for opportunities to improve ourselves and our work processes through process improvement teams. Our process improvement teams are comprised of employees throughout our organization to create a dynamic and diverse team that can look at all aspects of a process. There are often times when we would also love to include a member of the public to provide even greater diversity and increase the success of the project. If you would be interested in serving on a process improvement team, please let us know by completing the community involvement form.