Tax Collector Warns Citizens About Misleading Notice Referencing Property Information

DeFuniak Springs, FL (November 18, 2014) – Walton County Tax Collector Rhonda Skipper is urging tax payers to scrutinize their mail for misleading notifications after a customer brought in a mailing that referenced property tax information and requested a “service fee”.  Skipper reminds citizens any notification sent from her office will have the official logo as well as a local return address.

“A customer brought to our attention a notification that is very misleading and could easily be mistaken for a property tax notice by an individual not paying close attention or unfamiliar with property tax notices,” said Skipper. “It is no coincidence this information was mailed during property tax season. While the notification does state it is not associated with a government agency, this information could easily be overlooked.”

Citizens should be aware any mailing from the Tax Collector’s Office directs return mail to a local mailing address and never includes a return envelope with an out-of-state address.

Should a citizen have questions regarding a tax notice, please contact the Tax Collector’s Office at (850) 892-8121 or visit