Application with an Out-of-State Title or Registration

Many states do not require boats to be titled but they are registered. If the vessel is from a non-title state then the proof of ownership is the original vessel registration. In order to obtain a FL title on a vessel from a non-title state you will need the vessel registration and a bill of sale from the person listed on the registration. If a title is available, it will need to be signed by the seller in the “transfer of title by seller” section and then brought into our office for it to be transferred into the new owners’ name. All registered owners must be in the office with identification unless a Power of Attorney is provided. If a title is available, it and Department of Motor Services form 82040 (title application form) must be completed for processing. If the hull ID
number is less or more than 12 digits, a pencil tracing of the hull number is required for verification along with the title and/or registration unless the vessel was manufactured in 1972 or earlier.

Non-Title States: Vessel Registration & Bill of Sale from Registered Owner Required
• Alabama
• Alaska
• Arkansas
• Arizona
• Colorado
• Connecticut
• Delaware
• Georgia
• Hawaii
• Idaho
• Kansas
• Louisiana
• Maine
• Mississippi
• New Hampshire
• North Dakota
• Pennsylvania
• Rhode Island
• Tennessee
• Wyoming